Tim Ferguson AWT (‘art’]

.                                           [ Oxford Dictionary accepts“AWT” as a correct pronunciation of “ART” ]

Want your very own Tim Ferguson AWT and Merchandise? Tim has an artwork collection of works and various merchandise from his career.

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‘TOTEM IV’ by Tim Ferguson [‘Disruptive’ Art Exhibition, 2018]
Tim has been painting and drawing popular artworks for 30 years.

Renowned artist Michael Scott said of Tim’s work, “These works thrive within a limited alphabet of expression and a limited palette, providing harmony through the absence of choice.

“The second law of thermodynamics states that the amount of stuff in any closed system is fixed, but the overall state tends towards evenly distributed chaos.”

“Ferguson has created a closed universe which obeys his finite laws of expression. He watches the unfolding vista without himself engaging, instead remaining godlike and unconcerned.”




Comedian & Podcaster Alice R Fraser also states: “Anarchic, witty and furiously joy-inspiring. it’s probably got a code that predicts the future somewhere in there.

Tim Ferguson AWT art commission
‘cat’ by Tim Ferguson
World tour poster,