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Do you have a comedy movie or TV sitcom idea?

Have you ever thought you could be a great comedian but need to perfect your joke writing?

Do you have ideas and scripts but need tips for breaking into the industry?

Are you ready to take your comedy career to the next level? could be the game-changer you need.
Its the ultimate comedy writing hub for creating, improving and selling your comedy.

It’s headed by Australia’s #1 comedy writing teacher – Tim Ferguson – a widely acclaimed comedian, writer and producer. He’s toured the world performing stand-up and musical comedy, co-writing dozens of live stage comedy shows and hundreds of hours of comedy and entertainment TV.

The Cheek Monkey – Writing Narrative Comedy go to:

Cheeky Monkey Comedy offers comedy writing courses for standup comedy, sitcom, comedy movies, comedy theatre, comic novels, comedy stories and entertainment TV.
At, you can test your jokes, discuss your comedy writing ideas and gain access to high-profile industry professionals.

Tim’s comedy writing book and comedy writing courses have helped countless writers. Many have gone on to win international awards and competitions – many now work full-time in the film, TV & comedy industries.

Join up with the Cheeky Monkey – it will help you transform your comedy writing.

It’s like a Jedi course for comedy, though Tim is a few heads taller than Yoda.’
May Yeung, Screenwriter (UCLA)

‘Tim Ferguson’s Cheeky Monkey book/course was a key factor in moving me from free open mic stand-up comedy to performing paid spots in professional comedy clubs.’
Richard Lindesay, [Comedian, UK]

Tim Ferguson is an absolute comedic genius! His comedy writing class was non stop fun and helped me to become an even better comedy writer. I wrote my first US TV pilot using these principals.
Joanne Rose, winner at L.A. Web Fest 2013
Multi-Award Winning Writer/Actor/Producer (